Introduction to the World of Racing Homers

You must also remember that this is just an introductory booklet. There are thousands of pigeon fanciers in our world. There are thousands of ways of handling and raising pigeons. This booklet is just intended to tell you the basic simple facts about raising and caring for Homing Pigeons. You can get additional information from other pigeons books and from experienced pigeon fliers. Remember, the pigeon fancier that know everything does not exist. Ask all the questions you can. Pick out the information that will make you as successful fancier and a good Ambassador for the Sport. Remember to pick out the good points and forget the bad ones. They will only lead to frustration and sorrow. They will also give the sport a black eye. How will you ever know the good ideas from the bad ones? Keep asking questions, and use common sense. Raising pigeons is hard work. It is like anything else. You get out of it what you put into it. If you put little time and effort into your pigeons, then that’s exactly what you will get back from your pigeons. Little or no enjoyment will be your reward. Hard work and asking questions to good fanciers, will lead you into a lifetime sport that will return joy, pleasure, and lasting friendships.

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